Rested Smiles at Sleep Apnea and TMJ Solutions

Sleep Apnea and TMJ Solutions Cosmetic Dentistry A Reason To Smile Hello, friends of Sleep Apnea and TMJ Solutions! If you haven’t visited our blog in a while, we welcome you. It has been a terrific month at our state-of-the-art Brentwood dentistry practice.

We continue to restore healthy smiles with our sleep apnea and TMJ/TMD treatments.

The team of specialists at Sleep Apnea and TMJ Solutions creates customized devices to treat sleep apnea overnight. We also work with your physician to treat stress and teeth grinding. Many of our TMJ/TMD patients report they have a much better night’s sleep after receiving treatment. If you’re having problems such as gasping and snoring while you sleep call us at 877-622-1168 today to schedule a smile design consultation.

We know that many sleep apnea patients find their CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine uncomfortable. Our customized oral appliances force air like CPAP machines but will fit you more comfortably. They are more portable, quieter and just as effective. Questions about sleep apnea? Call the experienced staff at Sleep Apnea and TMJ Solutions at: 615-928-2840

Contact Sleep Apnea and TMJ Solutions: 615-928-2840

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