TMJ Disorder (TMD) Treatment

The temporomandibular joint, or the TMJ, is the connecting point between the jawbone and the skull. Pain or popping in this joint is called TMD (TMJ dysfunction) or often just TMJ. The pain sometimes originates from the joint itself, but it can also come from the surrounding muscle.

An experienced Nashville TMD dentist can provide effective treatment and headache relief for this condition, and you can find such experience at Sleep Apnea and TMJ Solutions. Trust Dr. Poss to help you feel good again!

Treatments For TMJ Relief

Treatments for TMJ disorder Include:

  • Replacing missing teeth or filling gaps between teeth
  • Orthodontics
  • Bite adjustment
  • Oral appliance therapy
  • Surgery (only for extreme cases, less than 1 percent of all sufferers)


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TMJ Treatment For Headache Relief

TMJ treatment in Brentwood, TN has helped patients from Nashville and Franklin get headache relief.Here at Sleep Apnea and TMJ Solutions, our advanced diagnostic technology analyzes the position, movements, and sounds of your joint so that we can customize a TMJ treatment for your unique form of TMD.

We offer both immediate remedies (such as anti-inflammatory pain medications and muscle relaxants) and long-term solutions (such as exercises and TMJ appliances). These can improve your condition permanently—no more pain, stiff jaw, and limited movement. We may craft a mouthguard to hold your jaw in a relaxed position so that your muscles can rest and your bite can realign.

Each treatment plan is unique to your individual needs. Sometimes multiple treatment options are used to successfully manage your symptoms at the source. Our goal is to help you feel good again!

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TMJ Disorder Indications

The causes of TMD vary from person to person:

  • Excessive jaw use
  • Clenching or grinding teeth
  • Poor bite alignment
  • Poor posture
  • Degenerative diseases
  • Tumors
  • Traumatic injuries

No matter the cause, we can help you find the best solution.

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Mother is relieved after getting headache relief from treatment for TMD in Brentwood, TN.You can’t count on your TMD symptoms to go away on their own. Let us examine your jaw joints and help you live pain-free again.

If your headaches or limited jaw movement are upsetting your daily routine, don’t put off calling us to schedule an appointment! We’ve helped patients throughout Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Nashville and Franklin, TN get headache relief.

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