Common, Painful, Treatable: TMJ Disorder

What we refer to as “TMJ” or “TMD” is a group of disorders involving the jaw and the muscles that control it. It’s a common and painful condition, but treatable at Poss Sleep Apnea & TMJ Solutions in Brentwood TN.

As many as a third of adults report having at least one of the symptoms of TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). These symptoms include:

  • Clicking in the jaw
  • Jaw or neck pain
  • Stiffness in jaw muscles
  • headaches
  • Changes in upper and lower teeth alignmewnt

There are many possible causes of TMD. They include biological, and social or emotional triggers. Diagnosis is usually based on a physical examination that includes the patient’s complete history.

TMD symptoms most often occur in people between the ages of twenty and forty, and it’s much more common in women and in men – twice as common, in fact. But as common as it is, studies indicate that only about five percent of those who have it seek treatment.

One possible reason for that is that symptoms often improve without any treatment. But there are noninvasive therapies that can help. These include physical and psychological therapies, relaxation techniques, and treatments like hypnosis or accupuncture. No therapy, however, is proven to be superior.

TMJ/TMD is a treatable condition, and the first step is an accurate diagnosis by a qualified professional. At Poss Sleep Apnea & TMJ Solutions in Brentwood TN, we use advanced technology to get the most accurate diagnosis possible. From there we customize a treatment plan with short and long-term goals. If you or a loved one is suffering from TMJ/TMD, please call us to schedule an appointment.