Jaw Pain? A Specialist Is The Right Solution!

Sleep Apnea & TMJ Solutions in Brentwood and Murfreesboro TN knows that many patients suffer through jaw pain silently and without searching for help. Others will visit a general dental practice for a better assessment and leave with no answer. A lot of the time, this is because the root of the problem is TMD/TMJ; a condition that is much more easily treated at a specialist.

This is why we focus almost exclusively on TMD/TMJ. Though a general practitioner might be equipped to deal with specific issues, the sheer volume of patients might mean that your ailment is reprioritized for other, more pressing matters. By visiting a clinic that only specializes in TMD/TMJ, you immediately increase your chances of being seen and heard.

Another good reason to see a specialist is consistency of care. At our practice, we have been offering TMJ solutions like tooth replacement, orthodontics, bite adjustment, oral appliance therapy, surgery, and even TMJ headache relief for years now. This means we have experience in providing consistent results. Our patients often report an almost immediate relief after treating their TMJ at our practice.

Sleep Apnea & TMJ Solutions in Brentwood and Murfreesboro TN is not a jack-of-all-trades. We’re masters of two! Patients come to us for TMD/TMJ treatment and sleep apnea treatment. Contact us today!

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