Dr. Poss completed dental reconstruction thus allowing me to live pain free following years of TMJ/jaw pain, headaches, and continual sinus pressure. His ability to diagnosis and teat my specific problems and concerns has also resulted in a beautiful smile and continued opportunites in my personal and professional life. I continue to see Dr. Poss for regular maintenance program but my smile is as wonderful as when he first created it over ten years ago.

A warm welcome is immediate when you enter the office of Dr. Poss. His staff are always friendly, courteous, well trained professionals who are open to any questions. Likewise, Dr. Poss is always available to duscuss a treatment plan or answer questions. His focus is always toward the best dental result for his patient. Dr. Poss produces only quality in his dental care and optimal result while remaining aware of his patient’s comfort and their expectation of the finished result.

Wishing everyone such a quality centered dental office.

Peggy Miller

Dr. Poss was professional & put me at ease from the moment I walked into his office. I would refer him to anyone who wanted quality care served up with a friendly smile.

Thank you Dr. Poss!!!!

He is a great dentist. I would definately refer others to his office. Keep up the great work!

I went in to see if an oral appliance was right for me. Amanda, Amber, Dr. Poss and Jaimelyn were polite and thorough. I was fitted for a sleep appliance and can’t wait for it to arrive! I’m excited about feeling rested again! This staff is great!
Jeffrey Whited

Dr. Poss and his staff are an amazing group! They are so kind and truly concerned about each person who walks through their doors. I had begun snoring terribly after returning from my deployment, I was not sleeping well and had multiple conversations with my doctors at the VA. Those doc’s only offered a C-PAP machine, I knew I would not use that so I continued to suffer. My wife learned about the services of Dr. Poss through a friend. We contacted the office, they were so helpful and patient in guiding me through the process. I had issues with the testing device but we made it through!! The device has changed my life for the GREAT! I am able to sleep through the night and I feel rested again when I get up. I’ve recommended the services to friends and will continue to do so. Also, if anyone from the military is reading this, the VA/DOD need to get on board with this option. Because it’s like a retainer, it’s easy to travel with and is silent! Great for anyone on deployment, especially if you have to be outside the wire. THANKS YOU SO MUCH DR. POSS AND CREW!!! 🙂
Health Lukenbill