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At Sleep Apnea & TMJ Solutions in Brentwood and Murfreesboro TN, we know how debilitating jaw pain can be. It can keep you up and distract you from your every day life. And when it stems from TMJ/TMD, it can be pretty hard to decipher a solution. After all, plenty of people walk around with TMD without knowing it! So, how do you go about not being one of those people?

Our team has put together a short primer to test for TMJ, as well as explain what to do if you have it. Check it out below and stay informed! Please note that the information below only refers to the common, identifiable symptoms of TMJ. It does not stand in for a professional diagnosis.

If you want to officially ascertain the source of your jaw pain, your best bet is a visit to our practice so our specialists can take a look at you.

How To Diagnose TMJ

  • Pain Or Tenderness: Feel around your jaw with the tip of your finger, lightly pushing and tapping on your cheeks until you can feel your gums or teeth. If light pressure causes pain or tenderness, you might have TMJ.
  • Ear Pain: Though not as common as jaw pain, ear pain can be another sign of TMJ. If you find that the area around or inside your ears hurts when you bite down on food – or even when your jaw is at rest – this condition could be the cause.
  • Difficulty Eating or Chewing: That leads us to our next identifiable symptom – and one that plagues a lot of TMJ patients: pain while chewing or eating. If you find that you can’t finish your meals because the pain of chewing down on brittle food is too great, your temporomandibular joints could be the problem.

TMJ Solutions

  • Tooth replacement to fill gaps between teeth.
  • Orthodontic treatment to realign your jaw.
  • Bite adjustment to ensure consistency.
  • Oral appliance therapy to relieve pain.
  • Surgery; however, this is only for extreme cases, and applies to less than 1 percent of all patients.

These are merely the main symptoms and solutions. TMJ and jaw pain can have far greater ramifications if left unchecked. If you want to avoid both the physical ailments of TMJ, as well as relieve the pressure on mental health caused by leading a painful life, don’t wait. Sleep Apnea & TMJ Solutions in Brentwood and Murfreesboro TN offers TMJ/TMD treatment! Contact us today!

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